• Section nameAdultChild
    Osaka (Itami) Airport ⇔ Himeji Sta.2,200yen 1,100yen
    Osaka (Itami) Airport ⇔ Kurumi・Shijimi1,360yen 680yen
    Osaka (Itami) Airport ⇔ Ogo1,050yen 530yen
    Osaka (Itami) Airport ⇔ Hata840yen 420yen
  • Section nameCommutation tickets (book of 11)Commuter Pass (1 month)Commuter Pass (3 months)
    Osaka (Itami) Airport ⇔ Himeji Sta.22,000yen 92,400yen 263,340yen
    Osaka (Itami) Airport ⇔ Kurumi・Shijimi13,600yen 57,120yen 162,790yen
    Osaka (Itami) Airport ⇔ Ogo10,500yen 44,100yen 125,690yen
    Osaka (Itami) Airport ⇔ Hata8,400yen 35,280yen 100,550yen
To passengers with physical disabilities...
Information regarding fare discounts, wheelchairs, priority seating, and assistance dogs

Reservation Not a reservation system. (First come, first served)

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