Usage Information

How to buy tickets

Please purchase a ticket to your destination from the ticket vending machine or attendant before riding, or prepare an IC card.
* Some of partner transport operators don't support IC cards. Some bus stops have crews who sell tickets.
Please see details on each stop’s information page.

All airport boarding information


Luggage Information

Please store large luggage in the trunk room.

Please store suitcases and other large luggage in the trunk room. (Please ask the staff if you would like assistance loading or unloading luggage.)

  • * When possible, please have your name and contact on your luggage.
  • * Handbags and other small luggage can be stored on the racks inside the bus.
  • * We assume no responsibility for any damage such as breakage, loss, or luggage mix-ups, etc., that may happen to luggage in the trunk room or carry-on.

Luggage that can be stored in the trunk room

Please note that trunk room luggage is limited to 2 per person, total weight of 30 kg, total capacity of 0.25 m3, and length of 2 m maximum. (Skis / golf bags / surfboards / wheelchairs (folding type) / fishing gear, etc. can also be stored) For those using carry carts, please remove them to prevent damage.

Items that cannot be stored in the trunk room

The following items may not be stored in the trunk room.
Please keep these items with you as own carry-on luggage.

- Valuables (cash, precious metals, passport, etc.)
- Fragile items such as glass products
Precision equipment (clocks, cameras, personal computers, etc.)
- Paper bags, plastic bags, small baggage
- Living things (See: For passengers with pets)


Using cards

Transport IC Card

IC cards (PiTaPa / ICOCA / Kitaca / PASMO / Suica / manaca / TOICA / Hayakaken / nimoca / SUGOCA) can be used for bus services operated by our company and also by a part of our partner transport operators.

Routes that accept IC cards

Bus services to and from Osaka (Itami) Airport and Kansai International Airport, operated by our company and also by a part of our partner transport operators.
For details, please refer to the information regarding the route you will use.

How to Use IC Cards

IC card readers are installed near the entrance of the bus. Please touch the IC card to the reader for about 1 second when you board (*). When you hear a "Pi pi" sound, payment is complete. (Works even when card is in a sleeve or holder.) The Airport Limousine Bus is one-touch payment, so there is no need to touch your IC card again when getting off (*).

* Some fares of departures from Osaka Airport of the Nara Line and Himeji Line and departures from Kansai International Airport of Kansai International Airport Line are settled at your destination so please touch your IC card when getting off.

Notes on using IC card

Prepaid IC cards (ICOCA, PASMO, Suica, etc.) cannot be used if the balance is less than the fare amount when boarding, so please ensure your card balance, such as by adding money in advance.

Regarding IC Cards rates

There is no discount (usage discount, discount for times uses, etc.) for using a PiTaPa card.

For discount fares, we only apply discounts corresponding to "For passengers with physical disabilities" located at the bottom of the page. Before touching the card, please present the prescribed certificate, etc., and declare that you are using an IC card. Since the onboard crew sets the discount fare, after setting, please touch the card to the reader. (However, discounts will not be applied for PiTaPa cards.)

Credit card / Electronic money

Osaka (Itami) Airport
Airport Bus Ticket Window(Hours 7:40 - 21:30)
Accepted Credit Cards

However, please understand that credit cards cannot be used for some tickets, such as transit tickets or commutation tickets for some routes.

Electronic money that can be used

Airport Bus Ticket Vending Machine
Accepted Credit Cards

Vending machines that accept credit cards are shown as "Vending machine" or "Ticket Window / Vending machine" (4 places) in the following URL.
Osaka (Itami) Airport - Bus Stop information

Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Building
Accepted Credit Cards

* At the North Information Counter, tickets cannot be purchased using cash. To purchase tickets using cash, please use the ticket vending machine in front of the boarding area.

* At the North Information Counter, some credit cards are not accepted. Please see the below page for details.
Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise Co., Ltd. Usage Information

Kansai International Airport Terminal 2 Building
Accepted Credit Cards

Hotel New Hankyu - Osaka Sta. (Umeda)
Airport Bus Ticket Vending Machine
Accepted Credit Cards


Regarding rates

Segment Coverage Applicable rates
Adult Junior high school student Regular travel rate (adult rate)
Child Elementary school student Child rates (Half adult rates)
* Rates are rounded up to the nearest 10 yen.
Infant 1 year old or older and under 6 years old
(A 6-year-old is considered as “infant” until entry into elementary school)
1 per adult or accompanying child
(1) 1 infant fare is free
* However, if the infant will use a seat, a child rate is required.
(2) Regular child rates apply from the second infant
(3) Child rates apply to each infant
Nursing infant Under 1 year old Free

Ticket validity period

Regular boarding ticket validity period: Same day only
Round-trip ticket validity period: Outbound tickets are only for same day, return tickets for the set validity period

Commuter passes

Commuter passes will be sold on a monthly basis (effective from the 1st to the last day of the month). In cases where the usage start date falls in the middle of the month at the time of new purchase, the monthly start of use is calculated on the basis of a one-month commuter fare and then combined with the one-month commuter pass or the three-month commuter pass.


For passengers with pets

Pets (puppies, kittens, etc.) cannot be put in the trunk room.
When bringing pets onto the bus, please put them in a carrier. Please inquire for details.

General Information


Year-round 7:30 to 21:00


For passengers with physical disabilities

The following information is correspondence with our service. Please note that handling may be different with other companies that operate services jointly.

Limousine buses with elevators

Some services on the line between Kansai International Airport (Terminal 1) and Osaka (Itami) Airport have been operated by "limousine buses with elevators" which allow wheelchair accesses since December 16, 2019.
If you want to get on the bus with your wheelchair, you need to make a reservation during the period between 1 month before the boarding date and 17 o'clock the day before. For more information on reservations and inquiries, please contact the operating company of the service that you will use. Please check the operating company before making a reservation. On the day of your ride, please purchase a ticket and come to the platform as late as 10 minutes before the departure time. Please note that some services may be operated by a normal limousine bus for inspection, etc. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Reservations and Inquiries
Hankyu Kanko Bus Services


Year-round 7:30 to 21:00

Reservations and Inquiries
Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise Services


Year-round 7:00 to 21:00

Regarding rate discounts

Discount fares will be applied to passengers under the following conditions.

(1) Persons presenting a Physical Disability Certificate which they received under Article 15 paragraph 4 of the welfare law
(2) Persons presenting a Rehabilitation Certificate which they received under the provisions of the Rehabilitation Certificate system guidelines
(3) Persons receiving nursing care, etc., who present the prescribed fare discount certificate issued by the head of the care giving facility under the provisions in Article 12-4, Article 41 to 44 of the Child Welfare Act.

Regarding caregivers and attendants

Discount fares will be applied when handling by accompanying caregivers or attendants is stated in the certificate, and when deemed appropriate. In addition, discount fares will not be applied to individual caregivers and attendants.

Regarding discount rates

- Regular travel rate: 50% discount
- Commuter pass travel: 30% discount

  • * Rates are rounded up to the nearest 10 yen.
  • * Discount rates will not be double applied with other discounts.
  • * Can be handled even when using IC cards. Before touching the card, please present the prescribed certificate, etc., and declare that you are using an IC card. Since the onboard crew sets the discount fare, after setting, please touch the card to the reader. (However, discounts will not be applied for PiTaPa cards.)

Regarding Wheelchairs

For passengers using wheelchairs, buses are not low-floor type (non-step), so they cannot be boarded by wheelchairs. Foldable wheelchairs may be stored in the trunk room. As for electric wheelchairs, we may not be to accommodate them due to the size restrictions of trunk room, etc., so please be sure to inquire in advance after checking the specifications such as size and weight.

Regarding priority seating

Priority seats (two front seats on the driver's seat side) are for passengers such as elderly people, physically handicapped people, injured people, and those who are pregnant.
(May not be available on buses of other jointly operating companies.)

General Information


Year-round 7:30 to 21:00

Regarding assistance dogs

Physically disabled passengers travelling with a guide dog, a caregiving dog, or a hearing dog certified by the Act on Assistance Dogs for Physically Disabled Persons, they can be taken aboard for free.


When using

Request to passengers

Regarding reservations

With the exception of certain routes, reservations are not accepted. Since passengers board in order of the lineup, please arrive at the bus stop a little earlier than departure time.

Regarding seat capacity

Because our buses run on expressways and dedicated roads for automobiles, passengers are not allowed to ride standing for safety reasons. Please cooperate with our seating capacity system. Please note that if the regular seat is fully occupied we will use auxiliary seating. Please note that in such cases the same fares apply.

Please make sure you board the right bus.

Buses bound for different destinations may board at the same stop. Please pay attention to the display and information broadcasting, etc., around the vehicle and the boarding area so as not to get on the wrong bus.

Regarding schedule changes

Schedules are subject to change without notice. In addition, services may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please make sure to allow extra time before boarding.

Delays may occur due to road conditions so please allow extra time before boarding.

Please buckle your seat belt.

For safety we ask that all passengers buckle their seat belts.

Regarding on-board manners

Smoking is prohibited on buses and at bus stops.

Please refrain from smoking on bus stops and on buses.

Please set your mobile phone to manner mode.

Please set phones to manner mode and refrain from talking on the phone in the bus.

Please store your luggage in the truck room or racks

For passengers who will board afterwards, do not put your luggage on the seats. Please store luggage in the trunk room or on the racks.

Please cooperate with our priority seating system.

Priority seats are set up in the front row of the bus. We appreciate your cooperation.